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  2. Endless moon in a shallow bay
    floating along the endless days
    as we dream of Marigolds
    flying winds of calamity.

    Sorry dear, there are no ports
    on this ship of sorry sorts.
    You’ll have to swim with the weeds
    or learn to fly as we taught.

    We never knew, the story goes,
    who was first to dip their toes.
    But do not fear, the moon it rises,
    and bathes us all in her wondrous glow.

    Step aboard and take a chance.
    Alone and loveless, we cannot dance.
    Reserve a section of the clouds
    and catch the wind to fairy lands.

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Kiera Cass, The One


    Kiera Cass, The One

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  4. I am not an easy person to love. Some days I will whisper how beautiful you are while planting gentle kisses all over your body. You will giggle and try to fight me off and in that moment my heart will have never felt so light.

    But other days when my mind is a storm cloud threatening to explode, I will be a bundle of emotions that I cannot quite keep contained. I will be cold, distant, and you will look at me like I am not the same person you fell in love with.

    I am a broken light switch. My moods flicker without anyone flipping me on and off. I wake up each morning and wonder which me you will encounter that day. I always hope it is the one who makes you want to stick around.

    I am not easy to love. But what I need you to understand is that whether there is a war waging inside of my mind or I am the kind person that you adore, I will always love you.

    I will love you in the morning. I will love you when you cry. I will love you when I am angry. I will love you when you’re being stubborn. I will love you when I don’t even love myself. I will love you.

    I know that there will be days when you want to give up on me but I am asking you, please don’t. You see, you are the only one who has been able to settle the storm inside of me before I even realize it is surfacing.

    I am not easy to love but I promise that I will always put up a fight. And I will love you no matter which me my light switch flips on that day.

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    This is literally, perfect.

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Based on a true story

Uterus, you need therapy.



    Based on a true story

    Uterus, you need therapy.

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    Emily Bett & Colton Haynes take the Ice Bucket Challenge (with special guest John Barrowman)

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  7. “Eu não quero crescer. Não quero fazer mais aniversários, não quero ter que envelhecer. Não quero responsabilidades. Não sei se estou maduro o suficiente para encarar a vida. Não, mamãe, eu apenas quero me deitar no teu colo e sentir segurança. Por que os adultos são tão machucados? Eu não quero perder a minha doçura. Não quero dar ao mundo, o gosto de ser derrotado. De ficar machucado e suplicando ajuda. Eu não quero me tornar um adulto rude e grosso, tampouco quero cuidar de alguém, vida a dois, aliança, altar. Não consigo me imaginar desta forma, nesta realidade. Já vivi o bastante, já vi muitos adultos infelizes em seus empregos, em suas casas, em suas vidas, e posso afirmar… Eu não posso crescer.”
    Alifer Souza.   (via ajustador)

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sir could you just calm down for a second


    sir could you just calm down for a second

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  9. The Breakfast Club (USA, 1985)

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  10. A perfect world will come to be when everybody here can see that a perfect world begins and ends with us.

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  11. “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
    Marilyn Monroe (via amortizing)

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    | the magic begins |

    favorite character - neville longbottom

    "In one swift, fluid motion, Neville broke free of the Body-Bind Curse upon;the flaming hat fell off him and he drew from its depths something silver, with a glittering, rubied handle—"

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    i used to think blogging was writing pages of what you have been doing and plans for the future and thoughts you have and to upload photos of your travels or your friends but here we are as bloggers and all the information that is on my page is 1+1=banana

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    Actual scenes vs Bloopers

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